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Significant Breakthrough in the Japanese Market
  2010-12-23 22:21:42
We have managed to establish business relationships with three leading Japanese electronics brand manufacturers namely Panasonic, Sharp and Canon in 2010, where we have being or expected to be mandated to supply them products including external signal cable assembly and power cord assembly. Canon is expected to complete their internal assessment of our group as a qualified supplier by next month and we expect to enter into mass production to supply them shortly thereafter. In addition, leading Japanese consumer electronic players such as Epson, Panasonic and Sanyo are also actively in the process of gathering quoatations and sampling and testing our products such as power cord assembly, internal signal cable assembly and others.  We therefore expect sale to Japanese market to witness a significant growth in 2011 .
The development of our Group especially in our customer mix has went through important phases. Since founded in 1997 and through continuous emphasis on product research, development and innovation, the group was able to successfully transform from a processing enterprise to a company capable of design, development, manufacture and sale of external signal cable assembly products for LG in 2000. Consequently, we were also became a qualified supplier for Samsung and other South Korean brand electronic manufacturers as we consolidate our presence in the South Korean market. In 2004, as we continue to build up our track record, we managed to became qualified suppliers for leading Chinese brands electronic manufacturers such as Haier and Hisense and continued to win market share. In 2008, which represented another milestone year for our Group, we managed to win mandates from many leading Taiwanese electronic manufacturers such as Quanta, Compal, Wistron, Innolux and Inventec thus breaking the monopolyof primairly Taiwanese firms grip in the supply of electronic and cable related assembly products to the Taiwanese market. As we continue to grow, we are now capable of providing our customers a “one-stop” total solution for their signal transmission needs, offering them a  broad and diverse product profolio, including wire & cable, power cord assembly external and internal signal cable assembly and connectors.
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